NSST’s Crowdfunding Campaign – Create Opportunities for Nepalese Women

Nepalese women have witnessed major challenges concerning basic rights like education, better health facilities, food , shelter, sanitation over the years. With the pledge to improve their status in the society women have been working in all sectors, taking the stand where necessary and voicing out their opinion. There are areas where work still needs to be done. Nepalese women still struggle to have economic independence for themselves and their families and take their life decisions without any limitations. 

As a non-profit distributing organization, NSST has taken the initiative to promote gender equality by working under SDGs 4, 5, and 8: Quality education, Gender equality, and Decent work and economic growth respectively. We understand that talent is universal but opportunities are not. We generate our focus on providing opportunities, through which these women can build a better future. This is where NSST is focusing on for this particular campaign. We aim to  provide necessary tools to assist these women with opportunities they choose to ensure they have a secure and economically independent future.

In the first year of operation, 2021-2022, NSST provided soft-skills and personal development training to 24 individuals and bridged 12 youths to start apprenticeships successfully. Currently, in 2023, NSST is providing training to around 90 youths among which around 50% are women coming from different ethnicities, regions, and financial backgrounds. Our experience has taught us that there are more youths- especially women in search of a safe opportunity to pave their path toward a sustainable future and break the barriers created by society on gender roles. For 2024, we aim to reach 250, with 55%  women.

With the collected amount of 15,000 euros, we will reach out to a total of 20 women and fund their soft skills, and personal development training programs along with language courses. Not just that, through your contribution NSST will assist these women to start their careers and become economically independent by bridging them to apprenticeship programs in Germany. They will get to learn a skill of their choice and grab the opportunity of earning for themselves and can support their families in the long run. Completing an apprenticeship, these women can open the door to a safe and fair career path for themselves.

Hence, we pledge your financial support to meet our goals of providing advanced training and better language courses and creating the opportunity for better employment for the women of Nepal. Help make our vision a reality by contributing your share of donations to our campaign. Also, please share within your network and be our multipliers. Here’s the link: https://thensst.org/crowdfunding/

Let’s join our hands and “Create opportunities for Nepalese women”.

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