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Nepal Secretariat of Skills and Training (NSST), is a Nepalese- German skills training initiative. Nepal needs qualified people to enter the job market. Young people with good skills will allow companies to grow their businesses and help Nepal to prosper.
NSST uses the Triple Win approach – a holistic concept that ensures that young Nepalese, Nepalese companies and German companies benefit. We are working on building a good eco-system for dual TVET in Nepal, creating excellent career opportunities for Young Nepalese on different levels and helping companies to get quality-skilled people.

NSST is aiming for systematic training partnerships between German chambers of commerce, chambers of craft, vocational schools and German companies on the one hand, and the Nepalese vocational training schools and Nepalese companies on the other hand. 

Another important component will be the exchange with German companies. Apprenticeships will be made possible in Germany, and a mutual professional exchange will happen between Nepalese and German companies, their employees, and other professional experts.

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NSST is contributing to accelerating the progress of SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.

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NSST started in September 2021. We are looking for partnerships with companies, training institutions, chambers, as well as individual experts in Nepal and Germany. If you want to explore the possibility to collaborate with NSST, get in contact with us.

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